Saturday, September 22, 2012

You Want Happy Birthday on the Pipes?

Tonight, while practicing at dusk with the mosquitos munching at my ankles in front of my garage I turned around to find a woman walking towards me - it's happened before.  She didn't act like she wanted me to keep playing to the end but instead wanted me to wrap up the section I was on.  Thinking that perhaps this was a neighbor coming to ask me to stop I stopped.  She told me she was visiting some neighbors across the street and she LOVES bagpipes AND it was her husband's birthday, could I play happy birthday over there for him?  I told her I'd be happy to-just let me wash my face and brush my teeth before coming over.  Picturing that I'd stand outside the fence and play, I walked over and found a huge privacy fence.  I couldn't tell where anyone was so I knocked on the door.  She came to the door and led me through the house while puzzled people looked at me.  In the back yard she points and says, "there he is".  Meanwhile 2 big beasts of dogs were jumping all over me...until I started playing.  Not being sure what to do I struck up my pipes and  played 'Happy Birthday'.  The dogs began howling and cowling away from me (thank goodness they didn't decide to attack the beast).  When I was done it was AWKWARD to say the least so I said Happy Birthday and walked back through the house to bewildered looks of people in the house who didn't know what had just happened so I laughed and said, "someone ordered a bag-pipe-o-gram" and started to leave.  As I was about to leave a man stopped me and told me that he has bagpipes hanging on his wall that were given to him (who has bagpipes given to them?  I'd love a gift like that!) in the 60s and he wants to know if they are worth anything.  Hmmm.  I guess I was the most expert person there on the subject of bagpipes.

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  1. John's birthday is Today, Sept. 25. Wish you were up here in Beverly Mass. to pipe Happy Birthday to him at the Soma Restaurant when I take the family for a birthday dinner!! We will be there at 5:45pm for early dinner so Iris can get to bed on time, so come on up! ;-)
    Sandy H.