Thursday, September 27, 2012

What's In A Name

So, why 'Tweets for my Peeps' you may ask?  Well, it goes back to my new job-actually before that--to BAND CAMP!  Yes, I said band camp.  That is a subject for another post but just take my word for it - there is such a thing as bagpipe band camp.  At my first band camp I met a piper who is a cop in Florida.  He told me that he trains other cops and gets a regular lunch break every day so he goes under a tree somewhere and practices at lunch time.  Fast forward now to my new job in February which is 8:30am to 5pm most days with a regular lunch in the middle.  I also work off the hospital campus in some office space that the hospital IT department rents.  We share the office with a communications corporation that has several radio stations but thats another story for another post- keep reading because it's a good one.

Back to lunch time.  I worked up my courage one day to take my pipes out at lunch time.  I parked in the furthest corner of the parking lot and huddled behind my minivan and put my pipes together and started playing.  I felt pretty vulnerable and had a few people drive by with extremely puzzled expressions.  Sometimes people would stop me and say they thought they had been hearing bagpipes for several days but just didn't believe it.  People in my office (there's quite a few that I don't know-just recognize) still drive by without even looking at me like they are too embarrassed to be even be seen looking.  Oh well.  They are used to this weird Parking Lot Piper now.

This is Alice.  She was wearing her Girl Scout paraphernalia on the 100th (?) anniversary of the Girl Scouts

OK, that explains the parking lot part but what about 'Tweets' and 'Peeps'.  I work in an office with about 10 other people in the room.  We are all working on the same project and sit at our computers and  chat all day about what we're working on - well, all of us except for Alice.  Alice manages to talk to herself about every click of the mouse she is doing and makes it sound so dramatic.  We laughed at her behind her back but never said anything until one day she mentioned that her daughter had something about tweeting and Alice didn't know what that was.  In trying to explain tweeting to Alice I finally realized -that is what Alice does all day - she tweets out loud.  When we gave her that visual she understood and so now we all comment on our verbal tweets.  It has been pointed out to me that I am almost as bad as Alice in the tweeting department.

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