Tuesday, September 18, 2012

No, really!! Why the bagpipes?

OK, so I was middle aged, with almost grown kids and bored but WHY the bagpipes (why not a convertible or tattoo you may ask?  Well, the convertible could still happen and the tattoo-well the story behind that is a little like the story behind why the pipes).  My oldest, Annette, was in college at the time.  She was on the soccer team at Covenant College which has a strong Scottish tradition.  The pipers would come to the boy's soccer games but never stay for the girl's games.  In a phone call she relayed how frustrating that was to her...and that decided it for me.  If that wasn't enough to seal the deal then her reaction to my suggestion of "why don't I learn to play the pipes and I could come to your games and play for you?"was enough to decide me. Her reaction was horror and embarrassment- "oh Mom, NOOOOOOO!  That would be so embarrassing!"  DONE-I was a piper.

However, if Annette had known how long it would take me to be able to actually play the bagpipes she wouldn't have sweated it.  I became Facebook friends of many of the girls on the soccer team and they were all in favor of me playing for them.  However, when I went to the games I was never confident enough or willing to steal the spot light (or so I told myself) from the girls and they never actually brought it up at the games so I never did actually play.

This was Annette's last soccer game at Covenant and I actually had my pipes with me but...I was a chicken and Annette was relieved.

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