Tuesday, September 18, 2012

To the Right, Quick, March...Let's Begin

I love to tell stories and I love to play the bagpipes so why not combine the two-I have some stories to tell.

I've played the piano for 40+ years
      ...the flute for 35+ years
          ...the recorders for, eh(shrug), 10-40 years (depending on whether you              start counting in elementary with the obligatory recorder music classes)
             ...I've dabbled in the guitar, harmonica, Indian bamboo flute and even a little oboe

About 4 years ago I decided I was bored and wanted something to carry me through my midlife crisis years.  Going from flute to recorder was a simple enough transition so going to the pipes seemed like a logical transition.  While toying with this decision Kent and I encountered some pipers down town one evening.  I talked him in to ambling over to speak with them.  Now that I know these guys I realize what a sucker I was for John's glib tongue - "it's easy", he says... "just buy a chanter and come to band practice"... "we'll teach you what you need to know"... "just look at our website and call us"..."you'll catch on quickly"... "no! It's not expensive" (actually he didn't say that last part).

...And so it began.

I bought a chanter (see below) and THE Sandy Jones beginner book

I looked on the Charleston Police Pipes and Drums website

I called Jim Dillahey

I started lessons (in January of '08)

I came to band practice

I thought I'd be able to play the pipes in no time...


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