Friday, September 28, 2012

The Life of a Parking Lot Piper

So, what is it like piping in the lot?

Well, there's the wild life like the 2 buzzards perched in a tree above me while I played- like they                     were waiting for someone to die listening to me play (or maybe they were hoping I'd run out of air and die).  There's also the times I could swear the cicadas start to get louder when I play - like they're trying to drown me out.  

Then there's the drive bys like the guy on a moped that about wiped out doing a triple take when he drove by or the African American man who stopped to ask me what I was playing and then told me he's heard of the bagpipes but never heard one.  There was a lady who works at the Convention Bureau who was driving around trying to figure out where the bagpipes were coming from because she didn't think she was hearing things and was glad to find out she wasn't crazy.  Several others have driven by a couple times and then parked and listened for a while.  A few have stopped and chatted.

When it's hot it's pretty miserable but when it's mild outside it is wonderful and looks something like this:

Then there was the radio gig I got by playing in the parking lot:


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