Thursday, October 25, 2012

Home and Third Place!

Happy to say, we made it home a day late but in one piece... only to rush off again the next weekend to the Stone Mountain Games in the Atlanta area.  The weather was beautiful, I saw many of my piping friends, spent time with my band peeps and had a lot of fun.  On Saturday the grade 5 band (I play the pipes in that one) played and placed 8th out of 11.  The grade 4 band (I play the tenor drum) also competed and did equally as poorly- oh well... we had fun.  On Sunday I competed in my solo march - AND GOT THIRD PLACE!!!!  First time I've ever placed and it was the last game of the season!!  I think I'll keep on with this midlife crisis-this beast called the bagpipes!  All this is thanks to Shawn who dared me to compete a year ago - I lost the bet and had to compete and have been competing ever since.

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