Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Catch Up Between Semesters

Semester break 
                         + bored 
                                        + facebook surfing
                                                                          + Coreyanne's blog
                                                                                                       = time to catch up on my blog

Last I posted was in October - one advanced pathophysiology class ago, a sinus surgery ago, Christmas ago, lots of practice ago, several parades ago, many parking lot practices ago, a radio gig ago and the beginning of the new games seasons ago.  Let my catch you up:

1. Advanced pathophysiology- I passed...with an A!!!!
2. Sinus surgery- no pictures but it wasn't fun and the recovery KICKED MY BUTT!!
3. Christmas- Kent's parents + Kent's brother, Mark and his wife, Navah + my parents +Kent's uncle and aunt + Stephen + Annette and her BOYFRIEND!!! (Mark)= great family time
 Mark got the biggest stocking (Annette was NOT happy)
Mark got the grilling from the dad and grandparents and great uncle and aunt.  I couldn't have planned it better myself-he and Annette sat facing all 7 of the elders- 6 of which are retired missionaries.  Bless his heart, he passed with flying colors


                                                                                                                              Caroling at the hospital             

4. Practices

 Myrtle Beach Women's Retreat

Rest area practice
Nathan used his pillow to block his ears
Kent used my drone corks to cork his ears
Stuck in Pennsylvania with car trouble
I tried to hitch a ride
Practiced in a corn field
At the Biltmore, N. Carolina

5. Parades:

On the West Ashley Greenway

Charleston Christmas Parade-
happens after church so I wear my
kilt to church

Mt. Pleasant Christmas parade is at night

Parade commemorating the launching
of the Hunley-the first submarine to sink a ship
Was launched from Sullivan's Island in the
Civil War
Met a Confederate soldier

6. New Years:

Only in South Carolina on New Years Eve!!

7. Parking Lot pracitce
My view

 One day when I was practicing a tow truck drives through the parking lot and the driver gave me a big thumbs up-made my day

On another day a large delivery truck pulled into the parking lot by me (we share a parking lot with a radio station and people come by to pick up prizes they have won).  All of a sudden I heard a loud band-sounded like a gun shot.  Kid you not-my first thought was to check my bag pipe bag for gun holes.  It was just the truck back firing.

8. FM 105.5

My friend, Catherine (who I met while caroling at the hospital) is the Sunday afternoon DJ on FM 105.5 and likes to interview local musicians.  So, in an effort to publicize our upcoming concert Graham, Josh and myself went to her studio and spent an hour with her talking about the concert, playing and piping, and chatting.  Now I wish I had taken some pictures.

9. First games of the season-Northeast Florida Highland Games:

 Grade V band - we're a motley crew but we got 4th place!
Grade IV (I play the tenor drum) got 2nd place.

10. Our upcoming concert:

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  1. Hey girl! I will have to read all the past posts now....beware! :)