Friday, October 12, 2012

Rest Stop Parking Lot Piper

Today we are traveling to Pennsylvania for my Grandma Fiol's memorial service.  Grandma and Grandpa lived in India for 45 years so I grew up on the mission field with grandparents there.  I also had an uncle and aunt and cousins on the mission field with us-how many people can say that?!

Anyways, Grandma went home to heaven in July at 99 years old (she and Stephen are exactly 80 years apart-they shared a birthday, Nov. 22).  My dad and his brothers had agreed that since they all traveled so much and lived so far from Grandma that we would not have a funeral but a memorial service that all could attend.  So, when Grandma passed away in July there was a small graveside service and we started planning her memorial service for October.  That is what brings us to be driving to Pennsylvania right now.

We are stopping in Virginia to pick Annette up.  I have a competition next weekend and am trying to play my pipes every day-that is a problem when one spends the day driving.  Which brings us to the rest stop piping - yep, I did.

Annette instructed us to get the piping out of my system before we got anywhere close to her part of Virginia so we wouldn't run into anyone who knew her so we stopped just over over the N. Carolina/Virginia border at an almost deserted rest stop and I practiced.  It was beautiful fall weather.

Nathan used his pillow and hat to block the sound.  Kent put my drone plugs in his ears - he's sooooo funny.  But, they weren't embarrassed to be seen with me.

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