Sunday, October 14, 2012

Corn Field Piping...and Grandma's Memorial Service

Written Saturday, Oct 13, 2012
I have gotten to play my pipes in some beautiful places but I think today's was my favorite so far.  Beautiful Pennsylvania fall weather!!!!  What you can't see in this picture is the awful farm smell in the air.  Oh well, the temperature was right, the sky was blue, the colors were beautiful and I had my family around.

Today we honored a woman I am honored to be the grand daughter of- Esther Story Fiol.  She went home to heaven in July at 99 years old.  She and Grandpa were missionaries in India for 45 years.  Today we had a wonderful service remembering her. . . and we had car trouble.  Those of you who know me well know how much I HATE car trouble.  It unsettles me so let me take this opportunity to work through some of my  conflicted impressions of today:

Why I'm Blessed                                                              
-Today my brother Phil (from India) and my brother, Alan (from Taiwan) were here along with my parents who are traveling all over the place these days.  We sang a song together at the service:

The David Fiols singing (dad is off screen at the piano)

-Grandma had 4 boys - 3 of them were there today and Pat, Uncle Bob's wife, was able to be there for him.
-Grandma had 12 grandchildren - 11 of them  were there today (see picture)

-Grandma has 28 (I think) great grandchildren - 13 of them were there today
-The music was beautiful and fun at the service
-We had a great time remembering the funny things about Grandma and Grandpa
-The weather was beautiful
-I got my homework done and submitted
-We were able to have Annette and Nathan with us on this trip (Stephen is on Fall Break somewhere)
-We were able to figure out how to get Annette back to Williamsburg by tomorrow evening despite our car trouble
-I thought to retrieve my computer and Grandma's wedding dress (from 1939) from our car
-We are well and had such a great family time
-Interesting thing about the picture below.  Alan, tells me he has started playing the flute a few months ago and needs a quick lesson.  Before the service he pulls it out to mess around with us.  The schmuck, with only a few months of self teaching, was able to play well enough with Ruth and I to do part of the prelude!!!

My frustrations (which are really kind of amusing)
-Car is broke (but it got us to the memorial service with plenty of time for me to practice all the music)
-As the day went on I realized how much I was planning on living out of the car - the Christmas presents that my brothers were to take back to the nieces were in there, my sweater and sweat shirt were in there, my tennis shoes and only other comfy pair of shoes were in there, my wine is in there!  all our extra food is in there, my car keys are in there!!!!!
-Kent took the car to the only place open on Saturday- a truck fixing place.  They couldn't help us and referred us to the Honda dealer in Lancaster so after the service he and Annette drove the 40 minutes to the dealership.  They called later to tell us that we would have been able to have car today except they don't have the parts they need and have to wait till Monday to get it . . . so, we are in Lancaster till Monday afternoon which is when we were hoping to be home
-We called the dealer and asked them to park the car where we could get at it this evening and they did but then we realized my keys somehow got locked in the car !!!  How did that happen?  I never leave my keys in the car.
-This morning I realized I had brought the wrong tights for my dress so we had to stop at target...and they had a large selection which we never have in SC-so I bought 2 pairs- one of which is locked in the car so I'll be wearing dirty tights to church tomorrow  
-I have no wine for this evening
-Housekeeping did NOTHING with our room in this Super (NOT) 8 motel

Written Sunday, Oct 14, 2012

Went to church this morning with my cousin Londa and her family (they live here).  Her parents (my Uncle Bruce and Aunt Judy who I grew up with in India) were here along with her sisters, Lisa (who lives in Jordan-the country) and Tina (who lives in Atlanta) and her brother, Andy (who lives in DC).  They were like my siblings in India so it was a great family time at church and then afterwards at Londa's house.  Jon and Londa have 6!!! children.  Yesterday I played my flute with their daughter, Ruth (on the flute) and Elaina (on the harp).

  Their son, Micah, helped me take the picture below:

I just want to get home-I have the Stone Mountain Scottish Games next week and I can't be late!!

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